FAQs About Visiting Le Mans

What and when is Le Mans? Le Mans is the home town of the 24 hours race an endurance race like no other and with approximately 250,000 attendees. It is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. The 24 hour race takes place every year in the middle of June.

Where is Le Mans? Le Mans is close to the Loire Valley, France - approximately 130 miles west of Paris.

How can you travel to Le Mans? The majority of guests go by car but we offer a array of other options including rail and air. By car, Le Mans is easily accessible via motorway from Calais (5hrs) Le Havre (3hrs) Caen (2hrs) St Malo or Cherbourg (3hrs).

When should I travel to Le Mans? This is purely personal but the programme before the race (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) is full and entertaining; there is also the Drivers' Parade on the Friday at 5pm or Friday night in Arnage which can be lively.

What tickets will I need to watch the 24 hours race? As a minimum you will need a Le Mans 24 Hour general entrance ticket per person. This provides access into the Le Mans 24 hours circuit and general viewing areas. If you are camping you will need a Le Mans 24 Hour camping pass. Le Mans 24 Hour grandstand tickets are optional extras.

Camping, Hotel or Chateau? We offer a very large array of hotel accommodation in Le Mans. Alternatively, you can camp at one of the official campsites (on a 7x5m pitch) with basic toilet and shower facilities or our VIP campsite option. If you use our chateaux, beware, they are so relaxing that you may not get to see any racing!

How do I get around? Most of our hotels are all in Le Mans and all very close to the tramway system which is superb and runs through the night. Alternatively, you can drive to the circuit and park in one of our recommended car parks. Or if you are a group, we can shuttle you in branded minibuses.

Which grandstands are the best? It's down to personal preference. The closer to the Le Mans start / finish line the more expensive however some of the stands at the top of the circuit (Dunlop Bridge) offer excellent views. Or you can simply save on the grandstand option and and view from a hospitality terrace.

Is hospitality worth it? Yes, if you can afford it. Our Maison Blanche Hospitality venue has everything you would want for a weekend.

What can I expect at the Le Mans 24 hours?
It may become addictive - many guests return to Le Mans year after year. It is about comraderie, fun, on circuit entertainment and non-sport motorsport!

Where do I get food and drink? There are plenty of places on the Le Mans 24 hours circuit where you can buy food and drink. If you are camping, there is a excellent Super U supermarket in Arnage.

What if I forget something? Le Mans is a large, cosmopolitan city; you should be able to find everything you have forgotten.

What happens if I need help whilst I'm at Le Mans? As befitting an organisation called Le Mans Travel, we have a team resident in Le Mans during the week. We provide 24 Hour telephone operations and also have an emergency mobile contact number.

What else do I need? Travel insurance is a must - EHIC European Health Insurance card. This is a good start but simply cannot replace the wide scope of a good travel insurance. Also, this basic cover will be phased out after due to Brexit. However, for the moment, the EHIC card is still valid to use until its' expiry date. The new post Brexit health card is the Global Health Insurance Card and you can freely register for this card on line at www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/healthcare-abroad/apply-for-a-free-uk-global-health-insurance-card-ghic

Why book a package through Le Mans Travel? We have specialised in Le Mans for the last 25 years in association with our sister company On Site Events; On Site Events are an approved, official dealer for the Le Mans 24 Hours and Le Mans Classic. There are only a very few, trusted, established operators who are awarded this status.

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